4" Alocasia - Silver Dragon

We think all plants are special but every now and then we get our hands on some of the most rare, special plants and these Alocasia Silver Dragons fits the bill.

The Alocasia Silver Dragon is not for the faint of heart– it’s a collector’s plant and we wonder if they know how hard they are to find and act accordingly. They do well with high humidity, well draining soil. They do well in soils that have nutrient rich compost mixed in– while they do need their soil to drain well, they also want a soft soil. The soil they are potted in now is perfect, but stay away from heavy barks if you are repotting. They require 70-80% filtered direct sunlight– they love the sun, but too much will burn their delicate leaves. They like an evenly moist soil, but be careful of overwatering as their roots don’t take well to being water logged. Drainage is a must for Silver dragons. In the winter, they most certainly will need to be close to a humidifier and possibly supplemental sunlight. We told you– they’re picky! 

Each of these plants is sold in a 4″ plastic growers pot. We have a very small supply and each of them has new growth and at least one mature leaf. As with all of the plants in the shop, we do not accept refunds or exchanges, so please consider carefully if you have the right environment for this special plant!

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