Blazing Star

Liatris spicata

“This vertically spiking plant, also known as Gayfeather, unfurls blooms from tip to stem, like a flame descending a sparkler stick. No wonder it is so attractive to so many pollinators: its showy spikes draw in crowds of butterflies, moths, bees, nymphs, and hummingbirds.

Growing Instructions:

For spring sowing, sow 8-10 weeks before last frost in deep seed-starting pots about ¼” deep, in rich, damp soil. Germination can be encouraged and will happen faster, if seeds are then covered and refrigerated for 3-4 weeks. Afterwards, move to a 70-degree, well-lit spot for germination, which will occur in 20-45 days. Transplant outdoors after frost in an area where plants can naturalize. Perennial – plants usually do not bloom until the second year.”

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