Plant Care in the Spring

The days are getting longer and warmer. Spring is on its way! Your house plants have noticed the changing season too and need your help getting ready for the summer.

Plants are always aware of the time of year, and alter their behaviors accordingly. This is known as photoperiodism – the behavioral response of organisms to changes in the duration of daily, seasonal, or yearly cycles of light and darkness. 

Behavior changes include loss of leaves or flowering, as well as the growth of stems and root systems. Most plants fall into one of three categories: short-day plants, long-day plants, and day-neutral plants.

With the abundance of light in spring, it’s an ideal time to repot many house plants without fear of “shocking” them. Many root systems are reawakening and will respond well to more spacious pots and fresh potting soil that better retains moisture. This is often a welcomed relief, as warmer temperatures and the increased use of AC units quickly dries potting soil. Additionally, this is a good time to check plants for any pests. 

The coming-of-spring is also an opportunity to experiment with your plant’s positioning in your home. Try moving long-day plants to brighter parts of the home and the inverse for short-day plants. This information is usually found on a plant’s information card. It’s important to regularly check plants when changing their location to make sure they are not being over or underexposed to light. There are many factors that affect a house plant’s health, however these tips will help ensure your plant continues to flourish. 

Don’t hesitate to email us with any specific plant care questions you may have! 

  1. Hello,
    I hope all is well!

    I have a bird of paradise house plant that is really suffering right now. I usually have it close by the front window (direct sunlight), in the living room (where there’s filtered light), and my room (filtered sunlight and warmer temperature). I make sure I water it every week or two when soil is completely dry. But, yet, tip and edge of the leave still gets brown and crispy. I can send you photos of the plant if you like? I just need some assistance in properly caring for this specific plant. If theres anything you can suggest, I would appreciate it gladly!


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