Plant Care: Begonia

Begonias can get a bad rap for being an “old fashioned” plant, as many of us grew up with the flowering cane or tuberous begonias our grandmothers grew. We at Vault + Vine love the Rhizomatous type begonias for their incredible varieties, colors and textures.

Rhizomatous are what you see here, a foliage type begonia which can flower but are known more for their leaves than their blooms.

Begonias like bright, indirect light and high humidity. The foliage type begonias can tolerate lower light than the flowering varieties. A pebble tray filled with water under your begonia is a great way to get it the humidity it needs without over-watering. Begonia are a pest-resistant plant, but can still be susceptible to fungus if over-watered.

While they love humidity, you do want to let your begonia dry out a bit before direct watering, as they are prone to root-rot.

Once you get the hang of their watering needs, begonias truly are a gorgeous addition to your home. With close to 1000 species there are so many aesthetics to choose from!


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