Creating a Happy Home for All

Talking about plants for a living is one of the best parts of working at Vault + Vine. We love sharing what we know with our customers. We’ve learned lessons from the plants in our shops and the plants that we’ve all taken home.

Most of us share these spaces with cats and dogs (and one bunny and a few chickens), too. We’re familiar with creating harmony between our furry family and our ferny family. While we wish we could cover every inch of our space with every type of greenery that cross through our doors here, the reality is that many houseplants don’t mix with curious pets. We’re always happy to answer questions you might have about what plants are non-toxic to pets. Our bible is this list published by the ASPCA, which provides comprehensive details about the toxicity levels of many plants.

If we’re helping you pick out a plant with your pet in mind, we’ll never recommend a plant that is known to be toxic to your pet. There are people out there who are lucky enough to live with pets that don’t like to nibble on a pretty green leaf, and we are jealous of them, but we always prefer to err on the side of caution.

We always make it a point to stock as many pet-friendly varieties of plants as possible. Some of our favorites are calethea, echeveria and rubber plants. We even have one of our absolute favorites caletheas up in the shop right now– the Rattlesnake Calethea. An intimidating name for a harmless plant!

We’re always happy to answer any questions that you have about plants– pet safe or otherwise. Just get in touch. And if you have a sweet pet at home, please give them a loving pat on the head from us.


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