Our flower shop this winter

When we recently made the announcement to source exclusively local for our retail and shop flowers, we were in the midst of a generous and colorful season of late summer and early fall. Like many businesses, we’d recently been forced to look at the way we operate. We worked hard at sustaining our company during a tumultuous year and wanted to prioritize a critical look at the way we source the flowers that pass through our doors. That being said, it was easy and exciting to make a big change a couple months ago because there was a bounty of locally-grown flowers to choose from.

We’re still in the midst of the bounty that is mid-October which means: the magic of dahlias in every size, shape and color; the unique, alien creature forms of celosia; the hardy and colorful late-season zinnias, and a fragrant selection of marigolds, eucalyptus, and begonia foliage. However, at this point in the season, any day now, the temperature may suddenly drop and we’ll wake to gently-frosted grass. This is of course a beautiful and dramatic indication of seasonal change to appreciate all on its own, but it also means we must part with the dramatic and beautiful blooms we’ve relied on for the past three seasons.

We are excited for this change of relying heavily on our local farms as they push out fresh blooms three seasons of the year, while simultaneously cutting ties with supply chains that are not on par with our values. We also recognize that our shop may no longer be a space for every floral shopper as a result, but believe that as someone who sustains us regularly, you’ll understand our decision. This means that our winter offerings will not be as bright and bloom-heavy as they once were, but instead will reflect our local, winter season which has it’s own color and texture to appreciate. As a team, we’ve also decided to maintain flexibility during this first winter season, and supplement your orders with hints of US-grown blooms from time to time. This is in an effort to help us all gently transition out of the deeply-ingrained habit of seeing and buying bright, out of season, imported flowers during the winter months.

We hope you will be as open to trusting our new floral vision as you’ve been over the past couple months and let us continue delivering arrangements to you throughout the winter. It may include: evergreens, dogwood, dried flowers, winter grasses, seed pods- and if our experiment here at the shop goes well- tulips, hyacinths and daffodils grown right here in our little shop that could!

We’ll continue to provide a nice selection of house plant options year round, so if cut flower winter color and texture aren’t for you- consider adopting one of our potted plant babies to care for over the winter months.

We appreciate you and look forward to seeing and hearing from you over the next few months.

  1. Hello there!
    My name is Nina. My husband and I live and grow beautiful and amazing flowers in our backyard in Philadelphia. Since I am also a flower farmer, I love that you want to support local flower farmers. We believe everyone should buy flowers locally grown in their area.
    We grow a variety of beautiful dahlias, zinnias, celosia, sunflowers, and ranunculus.
    If you ever need flowers, it would be our pleasure doing business with your wonderful flower shop. Feel free to contact me by my email nmk12@mac.com or my cell 215-870-4716.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you.
    Nina @TwoFlowerBuds

    1. Hi Nina!

      Thanks for getting in touch. We love supporting local and making new flower grower friends. Get in touch next spring when you’ve got buds bloomin’– hello@vaultandvine.co— we’d love to chat! And enjoy your bed planning this winter!


      1. Great to hear from you, Kate!
        I will definitely reach out to you next spring!
        We are currently working on digging, dividing, and storing of our dahlias.
        We will also be planting our ranunculus soon.
        Looking forward to spring. ????


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