How do I order flowers online? 

Great start—click here!

I’m sending a gift to someone—what do I need to have on hand? 

To order a gift or flowers for delivery, please have the following information ready: 

-Recipient name and address (including apartment number!) 

-What type of building we are delivering to (A business? An apartment with a concierge? A house?) 

-Recipient phone number and/or e-mail address. 

-A nice message to leave for them. We handwrite all of our delivery cards, so the sender’s info isn’t included unless it’s in the message. If your name isn’t attached to the delivery on purpose (how mysterious!), we will tell the name of the sender if they ask. 

The day I would like to select isn’t available! 

We offer delivery Thursday through Saturday and pick-up Thursday through Sunday. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate delivery or pick up outside of these days. If you are trying to order for delivery or pick-up within that window and having issues, please e-mail or call 267.231.6292 and we’ll sort it out. 

Can this be a surprise?!! 

We are happy to surprise the recipient if possible and are happy to stash deliveries on a porch or in safe spot (weather permitting) if they don’t answer. If we cannot leave their delivery and the recipient does not answer, the sender will be charged a second delivery fee. 

Second delivery fee? Ok, you can get in touch with them. 

Great! We recommend allowing us to coordinate delivery with the recipient. If e-mailing them, we will contact them the day before delivery to arrange delivery. If we are calling, we will call them before we head out on deliveries for the day. You’ll have the option to leave their phone number and e-mail address at checkout. 

Can you deliver it at a specific time? 

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate delivery windows. We have a small staff and we are all hands on deck these days, so it’s likely that the person delivering your flowers arranged them or spent their morning in the shop making lattes. 

Our deliveries generally go out in the afternoon and most deliveries are done by 5 pm, barring unforeseen circumstances (have you ever gotten stuck on 76 during rush hour!? It’s a doozy!). Often we are out delivering flowers after the retail space closes, so don’t stress if you call the shop and get our voicemail. 

Can I order a specific type of flowers? 

All of our arrangements and bouquets are Designer’s Choice and made with fresh local and domestic flowers. We take pride in our product, so we promise that nothing leaves our shop unless we absolutely love it! 

Expanded Hours!!

Sunday: 8am - 3pm

Monday - Saturday: 7am - 7pm

Holiday hours may differ


Phone: 267-331-6292


Visit Us: 3507 Midvale ave, 19129