Meet Mykalia!

Retail Sales Where are you from? I’m from Parlin New Jersey! But I moved to philly 3 years ago. What’s your favorite flower? My favorite is definitely the lotus flower! Favorite coffee/tea drink? My favorite drink is a iced americano with oat milk and caramel! What’s your hidden talent? I would say my hidden talentRead More

Meet Kat!

floral designer   Where are you from? I was born in Seoul, South Korea and came to Chambersburg, PA when I was 3 months old, which is where I grew up. What’s your favorite flower? My favorite flower definitely changes depending on the season, but one of my favorites is cosmos. It’s airy and gestural,Read More

Meet Heidi!

Greenhouse Manager Where are you from? Minnesota! Favorite flower? This is hard, it changes with the season, I like lilacs a lot (but also protea, dahlias, and ranunculus). Favorite plant? This is hard, too. Am I allowed to choose a tree? This time of year, I really appreciate the golden butternut color that the Ginkgo leaves turn. What is something aboutRead More

Meet Kevin!

Where are you from? Sarasota, Florida What’s your favorite flower? Cockscomb What’s your favorite café drink? Iced rose mocha with almond milk What’s your go-to karaoke song? A one-man duet to all eight minutes and twenty-eight seconds of Meat Loaf’s masterwork, “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”.