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We’re hiring for the following positions: Seasonal Retail Sales Associate, Retail Floral Manager, Barista (Part-Time). Email your resume and cover letter to Please let us know which position you’re applying for and include in your cover letter your answer to the following question: If you could be any plant or flower, what would you beRead More

Meet Kat!

floral designer   Where are you from? I was born in Seoul, South Korea and came to Chambersburg, PA when I was 3 months old, which is where I grew up. What’s your favorite flower? My favorite flower definitely changes depending on the season, but one of my favorites is cosmos. It’s airy and gestural,Read More

Plant Care: Chinese Money Plant

  Its true name is Pilea Peperomioides, but it goes by many names. The pilea likes bright, indirect light. Direct light can scorch the leaves so be aware! A great way to water pilea is to bottom water it, which means planting it in a pot with a drainage hole then sitting the pot inRead More

Meet Heidi!

Greenhouse Manager Where are you from? Minnesota! Favorite flower? This is hard, it changes with the season, I like lilacs a lot (but also protea, dahlias, and ranunculus). Favorite plant? This is hard, too. Am I allowed to choose a tree? This time of year, I really appreciate the golden butternut color that the Ginkgo leaves turn. What is something aboutRead More