Meet Heidi!

Greenhouse Manager Where are you from? Minnesota! Favorite flower? This is hard, it changes with the season, I like lilacs a lot (but also protea, dahlias, and ranunculus). Favorite plant? This is hard, too. Am I allowed to choose a tree? This time of year, I really appreciate the golden butternut color that the Ginkgo leaves turn. What is something aboutRead More

Cut-Flower Care

                      Whether bringing home a bouquet to put in a vase or an arrangement already in glass, you’ll need to take care of your cut flowers to keep them fresh longer. Here’s what to do a few days after you bring home your flowers: useRead More

Meet Kevin!

Where are you from? Sarasota, Florida What’s your favorite flower? Cockscomb What’s your favorite café drink? Iced rose mocha with almond milk What’s your go-to karaoke song? A one-man duet to all eight minutes and twenty-eight seconds of Meat Loaf’s masterwork, “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”.

Meet Kaitlin!

Employee Spotlight Kaitlin Orner: general manager Where are you from? Boiling Springs, PA Favorite flower? Ranunculus Favorite plant? String of Pearls What animal would you be and why? A badger, it’s my Harry Potter patronus!