Secret Life of Plants: Do You and Your Plants Have The Same Taste in Music?

In 1973, journalist Peter Thompkins and acclaimed author Christopher Bird published The Secret Life of Plants, a controversial book detailing the case for “plant sentience.” Although it was largely dismissed as pseudoscience, the book traces research from several notable botanists who all similarly claimed that plants had far more sensory receptors than commonly believed. OneRead More

Plant Care in the Spring

The days are getting longer and warmer. Spring is on its way! Your house plants have noticed the changing season too and need your help getting ready for the summer. Plants are always aware of the time of year, and alter their behaviors accordingly. This is known as photoperiodism – the behavioral response of organismsRead More

Vault + Vine Events – CoVid-19 Response

As a company and a department, the Events Team at Vault + Vine is staying informed regarding the spread of Coronavirus within the country and the state of Pennsylvania to inform our decision-making.  To clarify and alleviate any concerns you might be having, the Events Team at Vault + Vine would like to share theRead More

Plant Care: Begonia

Begonias can get a bad rap for being an “old fashioned” plant, as many of us grew up with the flowering cane or tuberous begonias our grandmothers grew. We at Vault + Vine love the Rhizomatous type begonias for their incredible varieties, colors and textures. Rhizomatous are what you see here, a foliage type begoniaRead More